Thursday, August 31, 2006

My love/hate relationship

Airports. For the past 7 yrs, the airport has been a bittersweet place for me. So many hellos and goodbyes, tears of sadness and joy. Growing up, I never understood why people found airports sad and lonely - they were always the gateway to adventure for me! But back when S. and I started our transcontinental relationship, I finally got the melancholy. So excited to say hello after so many days, weeks, months; yet underlying the excitement was the dread that our days were numbered and farewells were fast approaching.

So, I tried to concentrate more on the "now" and just enjoy the time we had. This has subsequently transferred to our married life. I have come to accept the fact that our life will always be a series of hellos and goodbyes. For each other and for the families we've grown to love. It sucks.

But, my love/hate feelings for airports have definitely taught me important life lessons. Don't waste the present by dreading what is to come. Enjoy whatever time you have with loved ones, whether its a lifetime or just a few days. I also appreciate my parents more - allowing me to go on my adventures with their support and love. Knowing now, the underlying sad and apprehensive feelings I'm sure they had. That we all get when someone you love goes on a trip or moves away, even when you are excited with/for them.

In the end, I've decided I will have my fleeting moments of teary goodbyes but only moments. Instead I will concentrate on living the "now" and looking forward to the hellos to come. :)


Tracie B. said...

yeah! i finally get to read your blog :)

Texas Espresso said...

hehe I hope its as interesting as yours! it sure wont be as pretty!

Tracie B. said...

ma va!

Cynthia Rae said...

Since meeting Danilo, I have always felt like I have one foot in each country and I am being torn up in the middle. I thought it would get eaiser with my move to Italy, but now I am crying when I say goodbye to my family at the airport. Ah the life of the expats!

Like you said, the best thing to do is to always enjoy the time we have and keep looking forward to the next visit.

Happy new blog! Looking forward to reading more.