Thursday, October 05, 2006

Provacative thoughts

In light of all the terrible headlines going on these days (Foley scandal, Amish/school shootings) we got into a discussion today about why things seem to be so much worse. for us. for our kids, etc. (as you can tell it was a very lighthearted But it does make you wonder - what is it so different now? Is it that more terrible things are happening or is it that we are more aware of them -with 24hr news and the internet?

Is it the ease in which people can obtain guns? Is it all the violence we see on tv/movies or in games which has de-sensitized death and violence? What about the internet? as one coworker proposed - does the internet make certain acts seem less taboo and more "normal/ accepted"? therefore people with those tendences have more courage to act upon them?

I don't know what the answers are. Probably a combination of everything is to blame. I think it bears thought though - not just reactions. I wish we as a society could really objectively evaluate the issues and form solid conclusions. Extreme reactions from both the left and right don't seem to be working. It's too bad our leaders (and i mean all of them - government, religious, groups,etc) can't put aside their pettiness and really have dialogue about what to do. to actually work together and find common ground to make our societies better. I am so tired of the finger pointing and pompous, self-righteous crap that seems to flow out of people we look to for guidance. What are your thoughts?

*stepping down from the soapbox*

more later


Tracie B. said...

i'm not sure, but i know that one should NEVER wear pink lipstick with a red dress. THAT'S serious :)

Susan in Italy said...

I think one small part of a general national malaise is the way we are so afraid of each other. Crime reporting on the news (faster, much cheaper and as sensational as investigative) is one cause of the fear.

J.Doe said...

What was really terrible about the Foley scandal is that Democrats were saying he and other top Republicans should resign, and Republicans were saying that they only reported this issue before the elections to get votes.....but no one asked about the pages themselves, what needs to be done to help them and what should be done to help American society at large. Politics has just become too partisan. Too much 'you're either with us or against us.'
It's sickening and I think they all stink.

Texas Espresso said...

Tracy - I KNOW! and we Texans would NEVER do that.. especially here in Dallas *rolls eyes*.lol

Susan - I agree, we just seem to keep feeding the fear.

J. Doe - AMEN my sista. I am so sick of the partisan crap. and I really dont like the "with us or against us" sentiments. God forbid anyone have a differing opinion about anything. it sucks