Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Look what we did!

We made Tortellini! From SCRATCH!!! lol

Since we are a blended household of Italian and American traditions, this year we decided to honor that Italian Christmas tradition of making tortellini. It was our very first time and wow, I can understand why people only make it once a year - its a lot of work! We don't have a pasta machine so we had to roll the pasta out ourselves. I think we should've made it a bit thinner but all in all it was delicious. Stefano mixed together the filling and made the vegetable broth we cooked it in. I rolled out the dough, cut out the circles, filled and shaped them. I think we did a pretty good job for our first time! I am a natural at shaping these things. Who knew? lol

I also roasted my first whole chicken, which was good but not great. It was very juicy but not the as flavorful as I was hoping. The veggies I cooked with it were delicious though. That was our Christmas night dinner that we shared with our good friend Erin. She is always open to be our test eater and I am always glad when I don't give her food poisoning.

This year we had a "Baptist" Christmas and Stef went with me and the family to the Candlelight Service at my sister's church. (last year we went to midnight mass - a first for me) He was a little freaked out that it started at 6:15pm. hehe Afterward we had Christmas with my parents and stayed up late. We waited until it was "officially" Christmas day to exchange our gifts. (at about 12:15am..hehe) I bought him the complete works of Bach cds and he got me an ipod nano! YAY

We called Italy around 8am (their time) and wished his parents a Buon Natale. Can you believe our nephew (4 yr old) wasn't even up yet??? When I was a kid, we HAD to wait until 7:00am and not a second sooner. I remember watching the clock waiting for 7 to get there. When we finally did talk to him, he was over the moon that Babbo Natale had dropped off a present for him in Texas and it was on its way to Italy. lol The rest of the weekend was a rushing blur of presents, kids and food. It was a nice holiday even if it was a pain to get up this morning for

I hope everyone had a good Christmas. Now we can turn our sites on New Years!

More later...

PS - Buon Ono Mastico to all the Stefano's today. It's Santo Stefano day.


J.Doe said...

Those tortellini look wonderful.

Linda said...

I've never done home made pasta of any kind but since I made home made pesto and tasted what a difference it made, I may give it a try. Yours sure did look good.

Cynthia Rae said...

What a wonderful job! I made tortellini once, of course here (in Romagna) it is called capeletti. Why? I have NO idea! It took forever to make!

Just tonight we bought some for our new years day feast. There just isn't time to make it right now (busy packing for Germany).

Maybe one day, you can come over and we can make pasta together!

Hope you guys have a wonderful New Years Eve!

Tanti tanti auguri!

J.Doe said...

Happy New Year!

Cynthia Rae said...

Buon anno!
Wishing you both all the best in the new year!
Danilo and Cyn

kc said...

Yum-O! I bet you both had a great time making those together. Happy New Year =)