Wednesday, January 17, 2007


After waiting all weekend for the snow and ice predicted in our most recent "Winter Blast" and getting nothing but cold temperatures and rain... this is what we woke up to today.

I honestly had no clue this stuff was even expected and got up extra early in order to be at work earlier. I was just listening to the radio when suddenly they started talking about bad roads, etc. I was thinking, is this a repeat show? NOPE. The ice came at last!

Timing isn't the best because I have a Friday deadline I need to meet. But... any free day at home is always nice. I usually feel a mix of relief and guilt when I don't drive into work with this ice and sleet. But... I can't afford a car wreck (even with good insurance) and my life is more important so.. home I stay. The sucky part is that I was up early and couldn't go back to sleep. grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

So even though it all melted around 3. I was home with my man and cat =) Once we got our pool pipes thawed out (don't ask! I told him to turn on the pump but did he .... the day was fairly quiet. However, I did find ways to amuse myself...

she's not supposed do to that (climb the sofa) but it was so cute I couldn't get after her.

Cats and Pac-Man (Playstation 2) - how much fun can you have in one day! Isn't my kitty cute?hehe I love cats - they are so funny. Mine is exhausted now from all those acrobatics and is curled up beside me on the very sofa she just climbed; dreaming about something good to eat (she is swallowing and twitching like nobody's business). Its so amazing that animals dreams - dogs are hilarious too. So all in all it was a nice restful day but tomorrow I'm gonna pay for it I'm sure.

More later...


Jessica Brogan said...

ahhh i miss dr.pepper!! thx for the unintentional shot of dr. pepper truck!!!

J.Doe said...

I saw some horrible accidents on TV that occured in/near your area.
I'm glad you got to stay home with such a cute cat. And your husband too.

Cynthia Rae said...

Ice storm???? What is going on over there??!! I had heard about the mess in the far west midwest, but in TEXAS???

My cat Opus is on my lap as I surf the net this morning. He and I both think that your cat is just beautiful!

Glad you all a restful day, NOW GET TO WORK! hehehehe!

sognatrice said...

She's just beautiful! What's her name? I'm a little behind on blog reading, thus my comment a mere week late ;)

Texas Espresso said...

Jessica - You're welcome. I'm glad I could spread some cheer.

J. Doe - Yeah, it was not good. I was happy to stay home! Isn't my cat cute?? (my husband is too hehe)

Cyn - I know, right?! We get maybe 1 ice storm a year but 2?? Thanks - I think shes beautiful too. It will be good for her to have a (boy)friend when we move to Italy. I love your cats - miss their bloggin.

Sognatrice - thanks! Her name is Sophie and she is about the prissiest cat I've ever had. I love her!