Thursday, February 08, 2007

2 months in..

Well its February and I thought I would do a little "resolution update." Usually by now I've completely ignored my resolutions or forgotten what they are. But not this year! I am determined this year will be different. So every so often, I'm going to post my progress - hope you don't mind.

1. Lose weight. Slowly but surely, I'm seeing the pounds go. Dieting totally My plan has been to reduce calorie intake, eat healthier and learn when my body is really hungry - eat when I'm hungry and stop when I feel satisfied. That is very hard to do I think. I mean who hasn't just stuffed themselves till they are "full as a tick." Haven't you ever said - I paid for it, I'm eating it! I love food and usually, if there's food in front of me, I eat it all. I've noticed most skinny people don't do that - they stop when they are satisfied and leave food on the plate. They don't feel the need to eat it just because it's there. This is my goal. enjoy the food, eat well and stop when my hunger is gone. I get hungrier during the day, but thats ok. I have a few healthy snacks and it helps keep the metabolism going. =)

2. Learn Italian. ok, it still really sucks. but I AM studying. I've got my ipod full of podcasts and instead of listening to music on my way home from work, I have an Italian lesson. Today I even graduated myself to the intermediate casts. but WHOA! I had to back track cuz they were using past tense! oh my gosh - I am so not ready for that! I am still learning my conjugation. hehe I have also dug out my "Italian for Dummies" so I can do exercises in the evening as well. I really have to get a handle on Italian.

3. Be a better blogger. hmmm well, I can safely say this is my weakest resolution. sigh I did change the look and I have particpated in a blogging event but I still suck and need improvement. I will continue to work on it =)

4. Expand my mind, creativitiy, intellect. I do watch less crap on tv, does that count? mostly nerdy history channel stuff (or history internationa) and I am getting more answers right when my Italian poses his "questions of thought" during programs. This normally annoys me because he remembers way more from his education than I I do love history and there are many new interesting shows on which we are enjoying. (with the exception of right now, since my Italian is watching some show about the Harley Davidson plant. he keeps interrupting my blogging to share motorcycle tidbits with me. sigh - I could care less; but pause to listen and respond with appropriate ooos & ahhhs. so if my blog seems scattered, thats why. hehe) I am also reading some interesting historical fiction books about Italy. In the Company of the Courtesan and Leonardo's Swans.

Oh on a side note, we just watched a great new show on the Travel Channel - Francesco's Italy: From Top to Toe. It is really good and he is funny. He's a native Italian - who my husband pegged immediately as Venetian (which he is). Sharing a more Italian view of Italy. Tonight was the first show. He went to Padova, Vicenza, Verona, Milan, Mantua and Portofino. Most of which I have been to since my husband is from the Veneto. It was so cool. He is very Italian and Venetian - was so funny. Can't wait for next week.

Huh - did you know the gas tank of a Harley is below the seat and not the normal tank on top? yeah I know... riveting tv. lol

More later...


Tracie B. said...

really?! ooh, ahh ;)

sognatrice said...

Yeah, I also struggled with the eating food in front of you thing. I always felt guilty if I wasted food, and so, I ate it. Logical! Only, you know, my body didn't find it so. Since I've stopped doing that--eating out of fear of wasting food--I've actually lost weight. I've done other things, too, but I'm convinced that's the biggie. Well, and more exercise.

I've heard lots of good things about that Francesco character...kinda wish I could see it!

Cynthia Rae said...

Sounds like you are doing great and sticking to your plans! Wish we could say the same. We were doing really good with our diets, but fell of the wagon when our birthdays came! Since then, the wagon has run us both over! We have to get back on track!

Good luck with the Italian....
ps. I have dummies book too!

Susan in Italy said...

Good job! Keep up the Italian lessons on the commute. Pretty soon, you'll be thinking in Italian.

Cherrye said...

Hey there, Dallas! I am from Beaumont...where are you in Italy? Near Venice?

I guess it isn't too late to do the resolution thing - although maybe I will have better luck with my "goals" if I don't call them resolutions this year! Learn Italian - #1 on my list!

Texas Espresso said...

Tracie - I appreciate the help. lol it's not easy to look interested when you could care less.

Sognatrice - yep, I really think that is the key. that and being more active. It's hard sometimes cuz I really like food but I'm working on it. hehe

Cyndy - girl being run over by that wagon is the story of my life (well some of it anyway). lol It is hard to be on the wagon when the wagon is so full of yummy stuff.

Susan - thanks! That Italian is kicking my butt currently. I look forward to the day I start thinking in it. I just need to speak it more which is hard since it doesn't come naturally for my husband to speak to me in anything other than English. I think I helped him a lot with his english - now it's my turn!

Hi Cherrye, fellow Texan. Pretty soon we might just take over Italy. There seem to be alot of us over there (as well as Indianapolites - is that what they are called?). I am not in Italy yet but will be moving there this year. My husband is from the Veneto area so we will probably end up there. Of course at the moment we will go where he can find a job. We can struggle with Italian together...

Anonymous said...

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