Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring is springing

Spring is my 2nd favorite season of the year. I love the flowers shooting up, trees budding and colors popping against the grays of winter. Bluebonnet's will be coming up soon and I can't wait to share their beauty with you. I will miss them when we move =(

Something I don't like about the season is that we also have to "Spring Forward" into Daylight Savings Time. I have never understood why we do this. I mean ok, it makes sense back in the olden days, but now? And... lucky us, this year it was decided we should set our clocks forward 2 weeks earlier. Are we really saving energy by doing this? Seems like there are so many other things we could do to use less energy. but hey who am I.

Those of us from Texas get an additional bonus with Spring each year. What could that be, you ask? *cue the scary music* TORNADO SEASON

We get lovely spring storms throughout the season which bring great thunder & lightening shows (I do like a good storm) as well as hail and tornadoes. WOOHOOO I kid you not when I say, I had hail the size of baseballs in my yard one year. I swear! I put one in the freezer to be entered as evidence when my Italian came to visit. (that was before we were married) HA - after that "Everything's bigger in Texas" had a whole new meaning for him. I wish I had thought to take a picture, but you didn't do those things back then. I will admit I get a bit nervous when tornadoes are in the area. I have been through one and they are SCARY. Though I am not as bad as my Italian. He freaks. lol poor guy, I can't say I blame him too much. Maybe all those years of tornado drills in school took the edge off for me. If you've never sat in the hall (on your knees), hands over your head, practicing the drill well then, you have had a very sad sad childhood. lol

I think of this today because we had our first big thunderstorm this afternoon. I took pictures with my phone and sent them to my email, but unfortunately they are somewhere in cyberspace. That was a fun to drive home in. Who needs to see the car in front of you? No hail or tornadoes thank goodness, but it is a reminder of where we are headed for the next few months. Life on the wild side baby!

In case you think all I can talk about is weather or my cat, here is where I prove you wrong. MOVIES I watched a few dvds this weekend so here are my reviews:

A Good Year - bleh. The scenery is beautiful and makes you want to run out and buy a vineyard in Provence (or Italy as the case may be) but the movie was boring and blah. Russell Crowe's British accent totally got on my nerves. It was so contrived and "foppish," I was distracted from the movie. There was a cute dog and you did get to see RC roll around in mud though, so alas, all was not lost.
Rating - 2 out of 5 stars

Stranger Than Fiction - loved it. It was really a good movie. Will Farrell is not his normal over the top character (which I do find funny in many of his movies, obnoxious in others) - nope, he is a very straight laced, boring, IRS agent. The humor is dry and intelligent and Emma Thompson is just perfect in her role. It is such an interesting premise - sweet & poignant - I would definitely recommend it.
Rating - 4 out of 5 stars

More later...

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