Friday, March 30, 2007

Who knew?

It IS a small world after all! Lord knows, when I rode that ride at Disneyworld, I thought I might die if heard that stupid song one more time - but I've come to realize the sentiment is so true. It keeps asserting itself into my life when I least expect it.

Of course, I am a living example of how small the world can be. Hello... I married an Italian...and the whole "dating" part of our relationship was managed with an ocean between us. You might ask - "why is she blathering about this now?" Well, as it happens, I was going through some old photographs and found some pictures from a 2001 trip to Italy. (specifally the one posted here) So.. what's the big deal? It's a window with a Don't Mess with Texas bumper sticker. *Boh* HA - this window happened to be one of the front doors of a restaurant we went to in ITALY. I felt right at home =) of course, I had to take a picture - who would've thought!?!

Here was a little piece of home in the middle of Northwestern Italy. At the time I didn't know of too many bi-continental relationships; they were not the norm. Not for an American or an Italian. Nor had I given any thought to Americans living in Italy. Now, a mere 8 years later it has been my pleasure to uncover more and more Americans, and in particular Texans, living in Italy.

I think I read 5+ blogs of Texans living there. 3 or more Indianians (is that right, Indianians?). California, New Jersey, the Pacific Northwest. all living overseas and blogging about it. You hear the statistics about the millions of expats living abroad but now, those expats actually become real people with real lives. one they are willing to share with you. It's a small world not only because you can get to know people from foreign lands and cultures, but also fellow Americans from totally different parts of the States. People you might never have had the pleasure of meeting in your everyday American life. Do you think Italy has room for one more Texan?

More later...


JennDZ said...

You expat bloggers are amazing! There is such a huge community of you all it is amazing and wonderful.

First I think it is amazing what people do for love.

Secondly it is so brave to leave everything you know to experience another culture.

Thirdly, I do believe Italy has room for one more Texan! :)

Cherrye said...

There is always room for you, Stacy!

sognatrice said...

Come on over girl!

avery said...

Yes! Yay! Certo! Italy has room for one more Texan! (there are a lot of us over here and you'll feel right at home.)
I have that bumper sticker in white which I picked up last time I went home to Dallas. I also gave my hubby a t-shirt that says "texas is bigger than france" and he and his friends get the biggest kick out of it. Of course I didn't mention that Texas is bigger than Italy too.

Giulia said...

Yes, it IS a small world afterall! I think it's great to be able to read about expats from all around the world. I am also enjoying the cyber relationships that are forming. :)

Texas Espresso said...

jenn - I agree with you. I hope I am that brave and really embrace the culture.

cherrye and avery - thanks! little do they know about our secret plot of taking over the world!

sognatrice - I'm looking you up when I get down to southern italy!

giulia - I completely agree with you. I have learned so much from bloggers. and am exciting to get to know yall better.

Texas Espresso said...

oh hey avery - i love that shirt. i have got to get one. it makes me giggle!

Kristen said...

I just wrote a post this week about Texans and their pride! Love those bumper stickers.