Wednesday, April 04, 2007

More than you ever wanted to know...

Several bloggers I read have posted this "100 things about me" meme. Reading those, I was completely mystified as to how they could think of that may things to say about themselves. So, I gave myself a challenge - to complete that meme and post it here. It has taken me a few days but voila! Here it is. (in random order as they popped into my head)

100. I am the youngest of 4 girls. Oh puhlese - don't even feel sorry for my dad, he is spoiled rotten.

99. I love the show Friends. I don't care how unrealistic it is, it is funny and makes me laugh. I can watch it over and over and never get tired of it.

98. I went to college on a partial music scholarship.

97. But was an idiot not to major in music and get the full one.

96. I don't think I have a strong Texas twang.

95. however, numerous people vehemently disagree.

94. I have a lot of Cherokee in me.

93. because of this, all of my life people have mistaken me for being hispanic.

92. my husband thinks this is nuts because without a tan, I am fair.

91. However, it is irrefutable when random strangers come up to me and start speaking spanish. HA (which even happened at his naturalization ceremony)

90. And I LIKE IT!

89. Speaking of - I love latin cuisine.

88. including Mexican, Cuban, Tex-Mex, etc.

87. I could eat latin food every day and be happy.

86. as well as pizza

85. and chocolate. sigh
84. I didn't like Italian food until I had the real stuff.

83. as a child, I LOVED taking my cough medicines.

82. which is why I don't do drugs. lol

81. I love sports

80. but am not athletic.

79. I am a hard worker

78. but can be lazy when it comes to exercising.

77. I have a guy-like sense of humor.

76. which is one of my best personality traits.

75. and probably why I've always liked being around guys.

74. I was a cheerleader for all of a minute during middle school (6th, 7th grade)

73. I drive a convertible.

72. I think if you haven't had the experience of flirting with cute guys while looking hot in your convertible, you are missing out.

71. At least in my head I was hot. lol

70. I was in University choir with this actor. The dude can totally sing and play the guitar.

69. He lived in the fraternity house across the street from my sorority house.

68. I got drunk with him at Pat O'Brien's in New Orleans and we had the whole patio singing "Oklahoma".

67. He wouldn't know me from Adam now but that's ok!

66. I don't like country music.

65. however, right now, the Carrie Underwood song is playing in my head so some do get thru.

64. I was named after my paternal grandmother, Stacy Ann (though I didn't get the Ann and think Stacy doesn't sound like a name from 1900)

63. She knew how to do an Indian Rain Dance but died before she could teach any of us.

62. Water is my favorite beverage

61. It really is - does that make me sad? lol

60. I love to cook.

59. but I don't think I do it very well.

58. The death of my college roommate's father changed my whole perspective on life.

57. I LOVE color

56. which can cause a problem with my "let's paint it white"

55. I love history.

54. I should have majored in archeology in college.

53. I think I would've liked it and regret I didn't even think of it.

52. I am afraid of drowning.

51. but like to swim.

50. I am sweet by nature

49. which really annoys me at times. (honestly)

48. I have read and do own all 3 movies of Lord of the Rings

47. I know I am a nerd and am fine with it =)

46. I secretly want to be an expert at something

45. but have no idea of what.

44. I like to shop for furniture and appliances.

43. all other shopping bores me to death.

42. I love roller coasters

41. I think using proper English is important.

40. I am not easily offended

39. except by prejudice and bigotry.

38. The guy I voted for didn't win.

37. I don't like arrogant Americans

36. I don't like condescending Europeans either.

35. I am NOT a morning person.

34. leave me alone, I am nice the rest of the day.

33. My cat is not a morning person either. seriously, leave us alone.

32. Once, in 1st grade, I shoved soap in the face of a girl I didn't like.

31. That is the only time I've been to the Principal's office.

30. I don't remember ever doing something that mean for the sake of being mean, before or after.

29. When I was around 8 or so, my 12 yr old cousin told me a ghost story about our grandfather who had recently passed away. In the process of scaring me, she scared herself. We got so scared we had to run out of the house and wait for our parents on the sidewalk.

28. I will never forget that. and to this day we still laugh about

27. When we would go to Grandma's for the weekend, she would always make hamburgers and shape the patties with a wooden patty press.

26. I always wonder who got that press. and always think of her when I see one, as well as little glass coke bottles.

25. Until I was an older teenager, I thought all gumdrops were sticky and gross. It was then that I found out that my cousin (see #29) used to suck the sugar off of them and stick them back in the jar when we were

24. I look a lot like my dad.

23. which totally shot down one of my high school boyfriend's theory that all women grow up to look like their

22. I love tech toys and big screen tvs.

21. One day, I'd like to go to space camp.

20. My husband and I both had dogs named Indy before we even knew each other.

19. I've become my mother in that I can cry at the drop of a hat.

18. I love to eat "buttered" popcorn at the movies with plain m&ms.

17. I can't yet tell the difference between Italian and dialect.

16. My husband and I don't communicate well in the following: a)home improvement projects b) driving directions. I don't have ESP while doing a, he doesn't having it for b.

15. but that's ok, we're working through it =)

14. I went to Europe for the first time in college. Now I am hooked.

13. I like to end a meal with some sweet taste. (like a little chocolate)

12. I don't like fruit on meat.

11. I don't have any piercings or tattoos (not even my ears).

10. but I do have a secret desire to have a tattoo one day. hehe

9. I can sing in front of thousands but can't play the piano in front of anyone.

8. I got food poisoning in Austria which led to my most embarrassing moment on board our bus.

7. Since then, I am a FREAK about the shelf life of food.

6. My meat comes from the grocery store. I would probably be a vegetarian if I had to think of it in any other way. =)

5. I love to learn about people and why they do what they do. life stories fascinate me.

4. No matter how fat or thin I am, I am very hot natured. a trait I share with my mom.

3. I sometimes peek at the ending of a book. (I KNOW!)

2. I wasn't ever that interested in Italy until I met my husband. Now I am fascinated by it.

1. Two things I'm really looking forward to while living in Italy - getting to know my husband's family better and FOOD FESTIVALS.

more later...


Giulia said...

That was fun to read. #29 & #25<-(Ewwww)have got to be my favorites! I really like these memes. They are a great way to get to know people. I plan on doing one soon. :)

KC said...

I also loved cough medicine as a child! Especially Robitussin CF, it was the best.

Kristen said...

I love reading these kind of meme's. Thanks for sharing!

Linda said...

I enjoyed it to but wouldn't want to do it. It would take me days as well. It does show some interesting things about people.

Cherrye said...

Very interesting, Stacy. I was sad to get to the end. It seems we may have more in common than being Texans in love with Italian men.

BTW, that actor is soooo cute. Did you go to college in TX? Which one? Which sorority?

Texas Espresso said...

giulia - I know! she was a mess - we used to get into lots of trouble. hehe fond memories

kc - i loved my cough medicine with codeine in it! scary

kristen - I'm glad it wasn't too boring. when can I read yours?

linda - you'd be surprised how fast it can go once you get started. free association works.

cherrye - ooo what else do we have in common?? He is cute isnt he? short but very cute. I went to Oklahoma State Univ. and was a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. what about you?