Thursday, May 03, 2007


I saw a new thing today on my monthly trek into Central Market - green (or spring) garlic. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn't and it could be that I'm being sucked in by the evil spin-doctors. However, they claimed this garlic to be sweeter than normal and the shoots have a mild garlic taste and can be eaten like chives. So I thought what the heck? (on a side note, this just proves that I am TOTALLY sucked in by those end-cap displays or those displays right by the cash register. sigh) And that brings me to the second half of this post...

As I may have mentioned before, I love mexican food. (I am using "mexican" as a generic term to include authentic Mexican, Tex-Mex and any other mezzo-or-south American Latin food.) So in light of the fact I will be in Italy this time next year, I am on a quest to find and perfect good recipes that I can recreate overseas.

I've gotten pretty good with salsa, have a couple that I can break out when I need to, but am still perfecting them.
Guacamole - no problem. Got it down.
Margaritas - woohooo, been making those for years.

Now my sights are set on a really good street taco recipe. In particular, the marinade for beef or chicken to put in the taco. "Mojos" that can be used as a good marinade or condiment depending on what ya want. I have heard that some good mojos use orange or pineapple juice - is that true? Also, the street tacos I've had seem very simple but yet so full of flavor. and the meat - oh the meat just melts in your mouth. A noble quest no?

I found a few recipes and since I made another impulse buy of flank steak while on my market excursion, I decided to try a "carne asada" recipe I've been eyeing. It used orange juice, red wine vinegar, lemon juice, cumin, coriander, garlic (green garlic of course) and oregano for the marinade. Sounds good, no? I didn't grill it outside since we were having big storms so I just cooked it in a grill pan. That was probably a mistake. sigh

Now let me interject one thing - I don't cook meat very well. For some reason, meat (including chicken) doesn't work for me. I have one recipe for chicken that usually comes out well but other than that - eh. I guess I don't practice much cuz we don't eat it that often at home and I must not season it enough because the taste is never exceptional. So needless to say, this time was no exception to that rule. I was sorely disappointed in my result.

It doesn't look so bad - and the avocado salsa was delicious - but eh. It was boring. What can I do?? I like FLAVOR! I guess my quest is not over. If anyone has any ideas or recipes - send them my way!

More later...


Cynthia Rae said...

You are such a mean girl! I have been craving Mexican food for weeks! I LOVE Mexican food and it is what I miss most from America. When I get back to the States, the first thing I will eat (and also the last) will be a nice, big Mexican meal. Your photos look great and have my mouth watering right now!


Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Ciao Stacy - every time I try to add your blog to my RSS feed reader, it says your site doesn't publish one! Is that true? Don't you publish a .xml or atom or similar RSS format for readers to follow your blog in readers? It should be a setting in Blogger.

Texas Espresso said...

hehe - sorry Cyndi! At least you can take comfort in the fact it wasnt that good. hehe not missing much. when are yall coming to the US?

Ms. - i dont know!? I will look in blogger - never thought about the RSS thing. Lets see if I can fix it =)

Texas Espresso said...

Sara - does it work now? I THINK I fixed it.

Cecilia said...

ciao Stacy! fist time commenting, I used to work at a taco restaurant in college, they would season the meat (skirt steak) with lime, salt and garlic; when they were cooking for the staff or family they would also add beer, let it marinate overnight, soooo tasty!!.
Cyn, come by Milan, I make some mean fajitas and guac :)

rowena said...

First off, what is your email address? I've tried sending you a reply using the one that's always left with your comment, but I always get a mail failure. My addy is at the bottom on the side-bar.

As for spring garlic, heard of them but never seen them here. I applaud you on your quest, but I'm no help when it comes to mexican cooking. The guacamole and margaritas, yes (heh heh), but I'm ashamed to say that whenever I want to go south of the border, I've always gone to a restaurant.

Happy early Cinco de Mayo!

JennDZ said...

YAY! I love a good recipe and food pictures! Looks very delicious. It is always important to bring a taste of home with you when you go abroad!

Happy Cooking!udlod

sognatrice said...

My MIL here grows that garlic, and it's all true what you've said. I've even used it as chives on a baked potato...of course the sour cream was missing ;)