Sunday, June 17, 2007

Daddy's Girl

Growing up, I was the typical Daddy's girl. I followed him everywhere. He was my hero, my friend, my tea party attendee and just my Dad.

When I was really small, maybe 2(?) and not able to talk much, I used to call my father "Big Boy". (don't ask me why) A story my family loves to share was the time I got "lost" (more like hid in the clothes rack, with my parents frantically looking for me) in a store. The employees found me and announced over the store intercom for "Big boy to please pick up his child at the front counter." HA! back in the 70's things weren't as scary as they are now.

I am close to both of my parents, but from my dad I got my sense of humor, my eyes (and unfortunately my, my laid-back attitude, and my natural aptitude for flirting (a charming, harmless type of flirt). Now both of my parents could talk to the wall, but as my husband found out a few years ago when we went with my dad to a home show, which took us forever to get through because my dad talked to EVERYONE - it is from him that my chatty nature is derived. While I have a nice blend (I think anyway) of personality traits from both of my parents, my true nature is more like his.

We have always had a good relationship, even in the terrible teen years. Because of him, I really like men, enjoy being around them, appreciate the differences between men/women (this does not mean those difference don't also drive me insane at times), and communicate well with them. He also taught me how I should expect to be treated by the men in my life. which is, in itself, a very valuable lesson.

So even though I am not with him in person today, I will talk to him several times and let him know how much I appreciate him being my father. I count my blessings for having the parents I have. I hope he has a wonderful day, knowing how much his daughters love and appreciate him! (isn't he cute? He really was a cowboy!)


Cherrye said...

We had almost the same title for our post today. Your daddy sounds like a great man. You are both lucky!

Hope all is well...

J.Doe said...

Happy Father's day to him.

Giulia said...

That cowboy photo is too cute!

rowena said...

Aww...what a sweet post for a special day! I too, got my sense of humor from dad, a trait that was exasperatedly confirmed to me by my mom (whom I'd always drive crazy with my pranks).

I read up on your older post of Google Me! and had great fun googling myself, but instead of rowena wants, I googled rowena needs! What a riot, and deserves a post all to itself!