Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Lessons Learned

Things here in Texas Espresso-land are pretty boring lately. However, I have learned a few things in the past couple of weeks that I'd like to share.

1. NEVER, NEVER go to PetSmart on a Saturday. Did you know they have adoptable dogs and cats there on Saturdays?? I'm not kidding, I almost cried. I wanted to give all of them a new home and I couldn't get out of there fast enough. poor animals... makes me so sad.

2. Maybe I DO like Westerns. I saw 3:10 to Yuma and it was so good. Especially now, I don't seem to handle sad movies well, (which is why I don't like Westerns, or so I thought), but I must say, I really enjoyed this Western. Russell Crow... Christian Bale.. I mean what's not to love? they are FABULOUS! (and hot, albeit dirty throughout the whole film)

3. No matter how much money you spend on a comfy cool pet bed, a big envelope which has traveled from Italy seems to be a discerning cat's bed of choice. It is also very handy during playtime as you can dive-bomb under it with your front paws and attack imaginary critters (ahem..balls). AND it makes a crunchy noise - who knew it was kitty nirvana?

4. When I got married, I didn't change my last name. This came about from a mixture of my laziness and the fact that my husband likes my last name. It sounds very American to him, plus women don't change their names in Italy. It used to not bother me when people would address mail, checks, etc to me combining my name with my husband's last; but NOW IT DOES. I have repeatedly told my (very conservative)family that my name has not changed and they continue to ignore that. It has become one of my biggest pet peeves. Helloooooo that is not your decision. I don't care if you think its weird, its my choice thank you. Respect my AUTHORITY! (had to throw in a SouthPark reference there)

5. I can pick a good tomato! I know, I know, tomato season has ended but I have managed to eek out the last yummy tomatoes of the season. This summer I have been gorging myself on caprese salads. delicious tomato...fresh mozzarella....sea salt... olive oil...bread to sop up the lovely juices... man I am drooling already. The funny thing is I never really liked tomatoes before I met my Italian. and for some reason, (maybe from all the trips to the farmers market) I have just be craving fresh tomatoes. so good.

6. Never EVER watch R. Kelly's "Trapped in the Closet." If you see it on the IFC channel - run away! I think he is already a freak, but anything called a "hip-hopera" is just wrong. Strangely compelling ... but like a bad wreck you can't look away from and wrong nonetheless. I have no idea why we wasted 1.5 hours watching it - I couldn't get the tune out of my head and during the night I even dreamed another chapter.lol

OK, I guess that is enough for now. Check back for some good ole Texas fair going later on this month.

More later...


Anonymous said...

mmmm, that caprese salad sounds good! Can the bread be toasted before it is added to the salad? I just wondered 'cause I don't like soggy bread.


Cynthia Rae said...

I HATE that I couldn't change my last name when I got married, but as you pointed out the ladies in these parts don't do it. I really wanted to change my name, but thought it best I go with the flow (could you imgaine how it would mess up the paperwork in Italy). I don't mind if my family adds Danilo last name to mine, but odly enough they NEVER do! Hehehehe!

Hope all is well in your part of the world. Any closer to living near me?

ps. Opus and Roscoe would agree that the envelpoe is a great place to nap! What a cute kitty!

J.Doe said...

My last name didn't change either when I got married (because I got married in Italy). It obviously is not a problem there, but it seems to be here in the US. And none of my family addresses me correctly either. A woman takes a man's last name in marriage PERIOD. I don't know if it's due to a lack of respect to my auhority, or they are just not used to anything being different from what they are used to.

Valerie said...

I changed my name and now wish I hadn't! Not that I don't love my husband and his family, but their heritage is not *my* heritage. It is very confusing for Italians that we have the same surname. One friend, very confounded by this, asked, "but how do people know who *you* are?" Good question! I'd change it back to my own name but that would involve way too much bureaucracy.

Texas Espresso said...

Andrea - you can toast the bread if you want but it will be harder to soak up all that yummy goodness. the caprese is SO GOOD. hehe

Cyn - honestly at first I didn't care, figured I would change it cuz thats what we do, but now I am glad I didn't. My family is just being stubborn. sigh hehe

j. Doe - probably a bit of both don't you think? It seems to have brought out the rebel in me. hehe

Valerie - I think you summed it up well. Stef's heritage is not mine at all. and it is nice to keep the name thtat is "you". I never thought of my name being so connected to who I was, but it really is =) hehe