Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Conversations with S. - Birthday Edition

So tomorrow is my birthday. yep, for you Americans out there - the day after taxes =) Anyway, I'm not too excited about this bday. ::sigh:: Probably because my honey will not be here and I don't really want to turn 37. But I do like to tell people so they can send me good wishes (or thoughts) - is that bad? lol I don't need presents but I like to know people are thinking of me 1 day a year. =)

Well, enough of that - now on to my conversation with S. First let's go back in time a couple of weeks.


S. and I were talking on Skype. I was reminding S. that my birthday was coming up (HA - forgetting birthdays will NEVER be a problem in our house) so he asked me what I wanted as a present. hmm what do I want? I didn't really know! There are a lot of things I "want" per se, but nothing I really need or want him to spend money on. So I settled on a department store gift card and some flowers. I know - it is not much of a surprise nor terribly romantic but boh.

End scene.

Flash forward to today. Again, on Skype with S. just having a normal chat. Abruptly S. interrupts the conversation:

S. - I have to make a phone call, I'll call you back.
Me - taken aback a little but say - Ok.

about 5 minutes passes. then skype starts ringing. it's S. - he's back.

S. "giggling like a school boy and using a teasing lilty voice" - hey. I made my phone call.
Me - ok.
S. - "still giggling and using the teasy voice" - I called someone in Texas. hehehehe
Me- "getting suspicious" - ok. who was it? was it J(my sister)?
S. - no. "STILL giggling like a school boy" it wasn't anyone in the family...
Me - hmmm. was it a flower shop? (am laughing now)
S. - it's called the flower box and I think these flowers are going to be better than the other places.... etc etc. (here he really warms to the subject and starts going on about the various shops he could use and how he thinks this one is the best)
S. - are you going to be home tomorrow?
Me - well most of the day, but not early afternoon. have an appt. @ 1:30pm.
S. - "sounding defeated" oh... I told them after 12. "giggling ceases"
Me - don't worry, they always deliver to me late. you know, on their way back to the store.
S. - "perks up and is back to being excited" - OK good!

So I am getting birthday flowers! YAY!

My husband is not the most thoughtful man but he is SO CUTE when he buys a present or does something for me. He gets so excited he can hardly stand it. giggling like a little boy, I can almost see him dancing around with the secret (maybe not literally), always wanting to give it to me early - it just melts my heart. At Christmas, I make him wait and WRAP the presents - as well as stocking gifts, hello - Santa still comes - so for birthdays or anniversaries, I give him a break.

LOL. he can sure make me laugh. I just love that Italian.

More later...


kylie said...

(etc. etc).

that's so cute. please take a picture of them.
(and yes, santa *does* still come. ::nods::)

MB said...

Happy Birthday! I'm sure you'll love your flowers. O gets all excited when he buys gifts too and usually has to give them early. I always have to restrain him. It's cute though! :)

bleeding espresso said...


P's an over-anxious gift-giver too...when he thinks of giving them of course ;)

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...


That is a precious conversation, btw.

Maybe you can appreciate this. About a month ago I lost my watch (I mean, forgot where I put it and can't seem to find it again)! So, earlier this week, P comes in to the office (at the B&B) and said.

"There was a gatto upstairs in our room!"

I am like, "WHAT? A cat is in our house??"

Yea...he starts left a mess, too. You better come with me and see what the gatto left.

So, by the time, I know it isnt a real cat, with his real "gift" so I play along.

Upstairs is a nice little box, freshly wrapped and bearing the ribbon of a jewelry store. Anyway, he bought me a watch. But, wasn't that a cute way to tell me?!?