Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas in November

Do you know what I saw around the first of the month? CHRISTMAS LIGHTS! ON A HOUSE! IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD! It's just weird seeing icicle lights before it's cold.

Have you noticed Christmas comes sooner and sooner each year? Here in Dallas, Christmas music was playing over the radio before Halloween. It seems weird, if not wrong, to have Halloween stuff out along side Christmas ones. Doesn't it? Now, I will admit, I love Christmas decorations. The colors, the music, the shapes and smells. I am absolutely the worst about leaving up my decorations for weeks if not months after Jan 1. :) things looks so plain once they are put away. BUT.... really. It's a bit early to hang lights on your house before Thanksgiving. lol

I know, not everyone in the world celebrates Thanksgiving but hellooo we are in America and culturally it is part of our holiday system. When I was growing up, I could hardly wait to put up the tree and get out the decorations. BUT that was the time-honored tradition of "after Thanksgiving" activities. eat. watch football. get out Christmas decor.

I have carried these traditions on into adulthood. Coerced my Italian into following along. but this year will be different. I threw away our artificial tree this year because it was kind of crappy and many of the light strands no longer worked (it was pre-lit). And S won't be here to hang lights out on the house until closer to Christmas. so is it worth it? should I just set out a few Christmasy things to make the house look festive. What do you think?

Hmm it's a quandry.

More later...

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Anonymous said...

Hey! First to comment :) And welcome back to blogging!

Well, my opinion technically doesn't count since I'll be couped up in a tiny hotel on Thanksgiving---Lovely. (still considering nuking Swanson's turkey dinners for us! -HA!) And then squeezing ourselves into 600 sq ft. from 2900 sq ft. + for the month of December and beyond probably...I vote that you just put out your favorite Christmasy things to be festive enough but not that you wear yourself out having to put it all away after. I dare you to ask what we'll be taking for our apt. for Christmas ;o) Ugh - got to shut the man down, I tell ya! But he keeps the Spirit alive when I'm all bah humbug around here. Gotta Luv Him....LOL!

Oh, and it is just WRONG about Christmas colliding with the fall holidays so soon. That's just not right and I refuse to give in to it! HA! There have been lights up here in my 'hood since the day after CRAZY. Talk about jumping the gun...