Monday, December 01, 2008

Gift Guide 2008

I don’t know about ya’ll but I am freaking out a bit that Christmas is just around the corner! I am having a hard time getting in the Christmas Spirit this year. It doesn’t help that we are broke and the economy sucks. And I know that buying presents is not what the Season is all about, however, it is something I really enjoy doing each year.

I love to buy presents for people. I come from a family that doesn’t exchange presents except for a few times a year (birthday and Christmas). And friend-wise we are not in the habit of that either. Maybe now and then, but on a regular basis – no. So, you see, that is part of the fun of this Season for me. I like to really think about the gifts. Spend some time looking (on the internet) for unusual things that I think match the recipient well. I am not one of those women who likes to wander around the mall for hours at a time. You can’t do that in your pajamas right? Ugh I like to know what I want; go in and get it (or order it online.ha).

Anyway, I am always looking for gift guides with cool ideas so I thought I’d make my own this year. Kind of like a poor man’s “Oprah” list. ☺ Let me know what you think AND if you have any other ideas – post them. The more the merrier!

Girly Gifts
  • Personalized Pocket Mirror ($14) - nice, simple gift. Who doesn't need a mirror for your purse?
  • Shea Butter Lotion Sticks ($7.50) - I think these are just cool.
  • Monogrammed Sticky Notes ($14) - Stationery is awesome. so are sticky notes. Can't go wrong with these babies. Check to see if you have a store in your area because it looks like several letters are sold out on the website.
  • Scented Stationery ($16.50) - Anyone who loves stationery has to love these. I mean look at the boxes! They alone are worth buying! You can find them on other websites but this one also donates to causes. Look around the site - lots of things to see. A gift that gives!
Techy Gifts
  • Flash Drives ($24.95) - I love these drives, they make me laugh.
  • iTurbo iPod charger ($19.99) - I bought these for S. & I last Christmas. They work! and also come in a Razr charger, if you have one of those cell phones.
  • Mini Doc Amplifier ($3.99) - how freaking cool are these?? AND they look like legos.
  • Screwdriver Set ($7.99) - can't have too many of these sets. not only for glasses but also computer tweaker types.
Food Gifts (some may also qualify as girly.ha)
  • Vosges Haut chocolate bar set ($25) - This website is overflowing with nice gifts. It was hard for me to select just one. Check out the travel guide/chocolate set. yoga and choc. wine and choc. ohhh too many to count. plus its delicious.
  • Joe Kelly Truffle Fudge ($13) - This is the best fudge I have ever eaten. and I've eaten my share of fudge. You can order it online or if you live in a town with a Central Market, they have it too.
  • Effin Sauces ($5) - ok so this is more Texas-y. But the name itself is a keeper. That's really their family name. HA just spreading some Texas culture ya'll.
  • Tea Pots/Sets ($24.95) - You can probably find some cheaper pots but I love these glass ones. Then you put one of those flowery, bloomy tea things in it - tasty and pretty.
  • Smoked Turkeys - Yummy smoked turkeys out of East Texas. We get one almost every year and they are delicious. Was also on Oprah's Favorite things list one year. Sure makes dinner easy.
  • Table Topics ($29.95) - this game may not be new but I've just discovered it. Thought provoking "break the ice" questions. Perfect for that couple who has everything.
  • Phaidon City Guides ($9.95) - If you have a traveler to buy for who has an upcoming trip - just pick their city and your done. I love these guides. the clean modern look and the contents. They also have other cool books so look around.
  • Cool Mouse Pads, etc. ($6.95) - If you are anything like me, you LOVE office supplies. This website has so many fun things, I almost just posted the link. check out those cool paper clips, and journals, and staplers! whew I need to stop, I can go to town on office supplies, especially if they are cute!
  • Funny kitchen timers ($8.95) - These are just fun. would totally complete that nice gourmet gift basket you're working on.
  • Alessi - ahh Alessi. again, too many things to chose. Being Italian and therefore very stylish, many are priced higher than my budget can handle. but I love the wine stoppers and bar equipment. We have several pieces collected over the years and I always want to add more. Those that know modern style will definitely appreciate these things.
  • Pocket Pad ($3.99) - just because I am ALWAYS looking for paper in my purse. aren't you? and its cute.
  • Document Envelope ($7.99) - another for the traveler. All your necessary info in one place. makes it easier to go thru check-in and security. A must have.
  • Movies. Here are a few that I think are cool for men and women. Also, if you have a movie buff to buy for, any movies in the Criterion Collection are classic must haves (or so my nerdy, movie loving husband says).
So how about that? :)

More later...


nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

I think this is a great list.

I will be sending most of my gifts stateside via

joe@italyville said...

Thanks for all the great ideas! I need them.

J.Doe said...

Food gifts are alway number 1 with me.
Oink oink.

Rowena said...

If anyone gifted me with fine bone china mugs for coffee or tea, I'd be a happy gal. Roy Kirkham always has cute stuff and a mug costs only 11.90 euros here.

Happy New Year to you too! What you don't have in Texas I'd gladly exchange with some of your sun right now. Hey! You folks get to enjoy tomato season much earlier...I can't wait to start my garden already!