Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another day another dollar

I am a planner - meetings, special events, fundraisers, that kind of thing. So far all of my experience has been in non-profit but for the next 5 months or so I will be planning trainings on the corporate side. =)

Yesterday was my first day and it went well! Unfortunately, the only draw back was I didn't have my computer and phone yet (or log in info to work on another computer) so it wasn't too productive. But I like the people I will be working with and today I should be fully equipped. Man, are we totally dependent on the internet or what??? I remember in college, the internet and personal computers were so Today I had to resort to hotel reference books, telephone calls and personal contact. *gasp* hehe

I was a bit worried about traffic since the office is quite a jaunt but it wasn't so bad. Of course, I went in a little later than normal so we'll see how today goes. Had lunch at Blue Mesa - which was YUMMY. mmmmm avacado enchiladas.... so good.

Aside from the whole missing family/friends thing - that's the one HUGE thing I'm know I'm gonna miss when we move to Italy. Good Mexican/Latin American/southwestern food! I am trying to collect recipes and perfect dishes now so I can recreate them over there. Everyone should enjoy a Fiesta now and then. There are probably some restaurants in Italy that serve this food but I'm not convinced of their "goodness". Just my small contribution to our Italian friends and family =)

Now, I'm off to get ready. More later...

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Cynthia Rae said...

I can not WAIT to get back to the States and hit my fav Mexican place! I would give anything to have some chips and salsa right now!

Bring your recipes with you, but I MUST WARN... there is no sour cream OR cheddar cheese, the staples of any good Mexican meal. Yes there are subsitutes, but the stuff NEVER tastes the same.

Congrats on your new job. Sounds like fun (well as fun as jobs go...)