Monday, September 11, 2006

I was very boring this weekend. I've been a bit sick this week so I tried not to overdo it. In fact I hardly moved from the sofa all day today. I did cook though! I haven't done much of that this week. Mostly panini on the george foreman, salads or yogurt and fruit.

I did venture out yesterday for the all important manicure, so I decided to stop at Whole Foods to pick up a few things. S. and I don't eat much meat on a regular basis - we're not vegetarian or anything but we're just not that good at cooking it! lol I decided I needed some more protein this weekend andmI was in the mood for pork chops, mushrooms and roasted potatoes. So I combed the net to find a recipe to try. (as a side note, I am OBSESSED with recipes. I have a ton, most of which i never try) I wouldn't call myself a good cook but I can usually make something edible with a good recipe. This is what i came up with -

Herbed porkchop with mushroom sauce! YUM I found this recipe on Cooking Light and while it looks very fattening, it really isnt! I don't know how to embed a link yet so I'll either edit this once I do or post the recipe. Just so you know that was a salad plate! I'm not eating a huge portion of potatoes - it was really only 2 very small yukon golds! It was a tasty way to end a lazy sunday.

Tomorrow starts another busy week. Dieting continues with renewed vigor thanks to Sara (American Girl in Italy - again, I don't know how to embed a link) and my first full week of work. Hopefully my cold will hit the road and my pool water will warm up :)

More later..

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J.Doe said...

I like the supermarket Whole Foods. They have interesting vegetarian stuff. I like you am not a vegetarian but am not a big meat fan either