Sunday, September 24, 2006

Road Trip

Welcome to North Texas!

Stef and I decided we were sick of being in the house so we headed out to explore. It's been awhile since we've just wandered aimlessly but the day was gorgeous with a nice cool breeze, so we rolled down the windows and hit the road. We were going to take my convertible but I just had the top replaced and I forgot I couldn't put the top down for a week. This worked too though. We are going to try to take more weekend trips and see the state. As much as we can anyway - since we have limited time and a HUGE state to cover.

As you can see my part of Texas is very flat and honestly not the prettiest part of the state. However, I think there is something beautiful about the wide open space and vast sky. On our way out, we happened upon a small craft fair going on in a nearby town. Here are some of the "crafts"

I totally should've bought the longhorn stool or the armadillo because they are just cool. hehe But good taste ruled and I didnt get a thing. After we wandered around the fair we decided to head out to the legendary town made famous by the movie "Paris, Texas" (which I have not seen) and the Eiffel Tower, Texas style. Unfortunately, we couldn't find it so the photo is off the city website. But who wouldn't want to see that?

All in all it was a nice relaxing day. My only complaint would be not stopping at any historical markers. "Somebody " pretty much gave me whiplash as I tried to see what the plaques were. One sign seemed to point to a regular fence covered in shrubs. This just piqued my curiousity - what could the markers be? Most of them are plaques attached to a pole - no monuments, shrines, nothing - just the plaques. WHAT ARE THEY??? sigh - sadly I can't tell you. I cannot read at 70+ mph. CURSES! Next time I drive! Oh and the State Fair of Texas is starting! WOOHOOO - my Italian has never been so this year we WILL go. WE MUST!

On an interesting yet random side note, a transvestite bagged my groceries today at Whole Foods...huh :)

More later...


Linda said...

I really liked the movie, Paris, Texas. One of those movies about growing up. It had a nice sweetness to it.

Cynthia Rae said...

LOVE the new look of your blog!
Yes, your part of Texas looks flat, but than so is most of Indiana and the little part of Romagna where we live! I like flat, it keeps the car sickness away!

Hope to get to Texas one day with Danilo. He has yet to see it!

Texas Espresso said...

Come on Girly - you just come on over. we have room =) Yeah - it is always hard for me in Stefano's hills- Im a flatlander!