Saturday, September 23, 2006


YAY... my Italian is finally home! It has sure been a quiet house without him. I am happy and content :) Even the Sophie-cat is happy to see him. She has wasted no time in spreading her "love" (thats code for hair) all over him and the things he brought. We had to be quick to unpack the suitcases and put them away because climbing in or sitting on top of suitcases is one of her favorite things.

Speaking of things - not only is it great to have him home just because I missed him but he also brings home lots of good stuff! Presents (2 cute purses, a new wallet, nice perfume,etc) and food. Man I wish I had thought to take a picture of the food he brought home - it covered our whole kitchen island. Looks like he and his mom had a great time at the grocery store (and spent a small The loot consists of - coffee, honey from the monestary near his home, bueno bars, tronky bars (sadly no happy hippos this time), pizza in a box (! - I'm sure its better than our chef boyarde), a nice mix to make some neopolitan cake, some mulino bianco cookies and fette biscottate and last but not least.... drum roll please.... POCKET COFFEE! WOOHOOO

Do you know the greatness that is Pocket Coffee? I dont even like coffee that much and I love these things. I took a few to work and one of my coworkers went nuts over them. She hopped right onto the internet to find some to buy. Sadly they dont sell them here and ordering them can be expensive. ahhh they are so good. One of the many Italian inventions that makes them great.hehe

More later...

I LOVE my new blog template! it is so freaking cute -dont you think? hehe I think I will stick with this one for awhile


J.Doe said...

Pocket Coffee is the best! I was so disappointed to learn that it is not sold in the US even though the company that makes them, Ferraro Rocher is in the US.
P.S> I like your new blog template too.

Texas Espresso said...

I know right! I dont understand it either. and if you order it online they are expensive! they are soo good!

Thanks - i think the template is too cute =)

Cynthia Rae said...

I am happy that your Italian is back! Sounds like you got a lot of neat stuff out of this trip! Funny because I am making a list of all the stuff I want to smuggle back from America. I will be on your side of pond oh sooooo soon!
Too bad I have to leave my Italian behind! Oh well, at least the cats will have someone to keep them company!

Ben tornata!


Tracie B. said...

i love your new template too! and i'm glad to hear that your guy is back:)