Friday, October 13, 2006

Is it just me..

or has this year FLOWN?!!

The fact that it is almost mid-October just smacked me in the face today! I was "driving" home from work (more like sitting in traffic for about 5 minutes) thinking about how fast this week has gone - especially since on Monday I thought it was going to drag - and BAM! it hit me... Thanksgiving is a month away and Christmas right after that! (thanks to Sara for planting that seed in my head by posting her " We started our Christmas shopping" comment) UGH I am not ready for Christmas!

Lord, my mom WAS right when she said the years go faster as you get *ahem* older. We were thinking about spending Christmas in Italy this year - I guess we better start looking at airfare. And I have NO IDEA what to get as gifts. I don't love to shop (go ahead take a minute to deal with the so mostly at Christmas, I have a list of what I'm getting - go in - buy it - and get out! Usually this takes place a few weeks before Christmas, sooner, if I'm on the ball. I don't have much hope of being on the ball this year - I seem to be going through a disorganized phase right now when dealing with birthdays, holidays, etc. Your presents might be a little late but I do buy person-specific presents!

Stef will be so happy to know I'm starting to think about presents (I say this with a "tad" of sarcasm. HA) - he gets so bored (read that as kind of annoyed.hehe) cuz I'm always asking for suggestions for his family way early. (he is a Christmas Eve shopper - what are ya gonna do?) Also, I have no idea what is "trendy" right now and THE present to get.

In summary...
Christmas - FREAKING OUT


more later...


annulla said...

Once again, the moms of the world are proven right. As far as presents, keep in mind that you can buy an amazon gift certificate at 11:58 on December 24th and it will still arrive before Christmas. Just in case you need to know.

Tracie B. said...

i'm not ready for 2007 yet...btw, i love that picture by annulla!

J.Doe said...

As Christmas gifts I woud also go with gift certificates purchased on the internet. No need to shop in busy stores or deal with parking lot traffic.

Susan in Italy said...

Looks like we had similar days. I've been searching for flights to go back to Chicago for Christmas. It's no longer too early to think about that stuff. Oh and I buy ALL Christmas gifts for friends & family in the States online. SOOO much easier for so many reasons! BTW, Where in Italy do you go?

Texas Espresso said...

Thanks ya'll - I do think I'm going to try to do most of it online.

Susan - my husband grew up a town near Padova and his parents just moved to Abano Terme - so we'll be there =) where the hills look like mountains to this