Monday, October 16, 2006

A proud but sad heart

This is my handsome nephew H. who just finished Army boot camp! (he was thrilled about appearing in the blog... I know its cuz he thinks it will get him some He was gone for 4 months and I know went through hell. I am proud of him for this accomplishment. For having the strength and determination to see it through. He just got home yesterday and thankfully can stay here for 2 wks working with the local recruiter. But after that... well it's a waiting game for deployment.

Today when I saw him I burst into tears. I am very much my mother's daughter with a soft heart and a quick tear, but there are few times I've spontaneously started crying. It always takes me off guard and I feel like an idiot. But what can I do? I look at him, all of 19 yrs old, and remember meeting him when he was 3. I wonder where he will be going and what awful things he will see. (I won't even go into my feelings about the war) I am terrified about what could possibly happen to him and wonder if those who send young people so quickly into confrontation, would still do so if they had a very personal connection with it. Maybe a few do, but for the majority - It's always some far off thing other people deal with. Until it affects someone you care about, it's easy to not think about (though I am guilty of that too.)

I have the utmost respect for the men and women in the military. I am very proud of my nephew but oh... my heart is sad and heavy. I can only pray for his safety and for circumstances to change. write stupid, funny letters to him and send yummy things to eat. What more can an aunt do?

except cry of course... dang my mother's genes *ah, damn you... damn you..." (channelling Charlton Heston re: Plant of the Apes) hehe just kidding - Lord knows you gotta laugh through your tears =)

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