Monday, December 18, 2006

It's December...huh?

Hello from the land of 80+ F temperatures! Geez, I thought Christmas was supposed to be chilly, with chestnuts roasting on an open fire? Wow, it has been warm these last few days. Here we are just days away from Christmas (CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT???) and I am having trouble at all. Others, namely Sophie, don't seem to be having any trouble getting into the spirit. We couldn't get the tree up quick enough for her!

My shoppings done, mostly. Lights are everywhere. But still it doesn't feel like Christmas is a week away. Is it just me or does it seem weird and just wrong for Christmas to be on a Monday this year?

So in an effort to bring some Holiday cheer into this blog, it is my goal to post pics of Christmas Spirit throughout the week =) To start things off let me share with you some of my favorite ornaments. Now, our tree is fake with multi-colored lights (cuz thats just the way we roll! no "all whites" in our tree!) and the ornaments are a mishmash of styles, shapes, colors and sizes. Homemade, store bought, you name it - they're there. But for some reason, these few just make me happy. I don't know why but I like them.

Coming later this week - house decorations - the good, the bad, the ugly; and roasting chestnuts! I've bought them, now Stef just has to show me what to do with them!

More later...


wordgirl said...

I almost wore shorts today. Almost. That is all.

J.Doe said...

What a pretty cat!

Tracie B. said...

THAT'S what i need on my tree! that thar texas ernament