Friday, December 22, 2006

Where am I?

Nebbia. Fog. I know it looks like car exhaust (that is my expert picture-taking-while-driving technique at work folks!) but its not. It's FOG. A ton of fog, like every day... for 2 weeks.

Some mornings I can hardly see the car in front of me. Others it's like the picture - hovering low, just above the ground. If it wasn't so sunny it would be creepy. Regardless, its just weird. We don't usually get this kind of thing often. Doesn't really help my Holiday funk. sigh

On a happier note, our team had a Christmas breakfast this morning. Which was fun even though I could hardly taste my french toast. (I have a bit of a cold) We did a white elephant exchange and I ended up with a pewter bread tray thing. Not what I would've picked out but it's fine. Dang coworker stole my itunes gift card. GRRRRRRR

Our team manager made the cutest gifts for us. She compiled lots of Christmas songs, burned them onto CDs and stamped a cute label on it. She's very crafty - I think next year I will try to do that. Was a great gift! Of course if I still had my itunes gc I could do it now! lol My accomplishment of the week - I have all my Christmas shopping done!! now I just have to hit the grocery store - WOOOHOOO

more Christmas spirit later...


Linda said...

Merry Christmas and may you have a HEALTHY (without the tonsils), happy and prosperous New Year.

J.Doe said...

Good luck not getting trampled in the grocery store. Do people just not eat for 11 months of the year and do it all before Christmas or what? I can understand the malls being crowded by last minute Christmas shoppers, but a food store? They are packed.
Oh well. Enough of my rant.
Have a great Christmas