Sunday, July 15, 2007

I love mail!

A little while ago Shelley moved her blog and had a housewarming party. If you left a comment you had a chance to win some Roman coffee and chocolate! YUM. Of course I had to participate because who can pass up a chance like that?

And guess what? I won! She did a random drawing and I came up the winner. woohooo Last week I got a lovely package in the mail with my prize. The coffee smells wonderful! I swear, my whole house smells of that comforting coffee smell. I love how Italians wrap things up like individual little presents, don't you? The chocolate made it in one piece AND was not melting which is quite a feat for shipping in July. I haven't tried anything yet but I will be treating myself this week. hehe

Thanks Shelley for the goodies!

On another note, my sweet husband is playing tour guide in Venice today for my cousin's wife and her 17-yr old daughter. They haven't ever met but each are so sweet, they should be having fun. Isn't it cool that the girls are traveling around Europe for a month together? What a wonderful memory and exposure to other cultures for the 17-yr old. She's never been out of the country. And they couldn't find a better tour guide then my Italian. Venice is one of his favorite cities and he knows so much about it. Makes me a little jealous. I would love to be there, but know I will be going back sometime soon. I have never been in July though; I wonder if the canals stink? hehe

Hope your Sunday is as beautiful (and hot) as mine!

More later...


sognatrice said...

Congrats on receiving your goodie package--how fun! And my Sunday was just beautiful, and not too hot--quite perfect actually :)

Annika said...

I wanted that package!!! :(

Giulia said...

Yeay, I'm so glad you got your prize, safe and sound!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Glad it arrived in one piece, complimenti to the always-berated Poste Italiane. I have to say that lately they have been impressing me quite a bit. Enjoy the goodies!

J.Doe said...

I've been to Venice twice in July (for my wedding anniversary) and the canals didn't stink when I was there. It is a great town and I do hope to go again.
Next time hopefully your husband will be a guide for you!