Sunday, August 12, 2007

Futbol...Soccer...Calcio... what?

My very first memory of soccer was when I was young, maybe 6 or 7, visiting Grandma in Oklahoma and attending my cousin's soccer game. It was a hot summer day, everyone was just standing on the sidelines (no bleachers) and I was BORED! It was the longest, least exciting sporting event I had ever been to. sigh

And so, with that memory in my head I found myself here -->
Yes, I know it is indoor, but hey it's Texas and they are just starting. hehe My niece and nephew are having a great time playing and because I love them, I will go. I really know absolutely nothing about the game though, and am not that interested in learning. What I do know is this:

1. Players run ALOT. Like the whole game. which actually brings us to point #2.
2. Soccer players have great legs and butts. hehe
3. Italian player are just as good at theatrics as playing the game.
4. David Beckham is really really hot, but his voice is as high as a little girl's.

But wait, you might say? Lady - you live with an Italian! Aren't they crazy fans for calcio? Fans that are tried and true, with a deep deep passion for the game? Well... that could be true for most Italians, but not mine. S is not that interested in sports. He's a skier, a really good skier, and likes to watch that, but otherwise - nah.

Of course we had to watch the Olympic soccer games - well, at least Italy and USA - and that was very fun. My most favorite parts were when they rolled around on the field clutching parts of the body that weren't even touched. hehe That is the entertainment to me. I was not even bored during the games, at times they were quite exciting. AND, Bend It Like Beckham is one of my all-time favorite movies. So see, I have made strides in my opinion of the sport.

That said, I am glad S is not a crazy nut fan, so that we haven't had to spend our weekends watching European soccer. However, sometimes I do miss having a man interested in football and college basketball. Spending a nice Sunday yelling at the TV when the Cowboys do something stupid is always enjoyable. I am a fan of those sports - at least in the sense that, I like to watch my favorite teams only and LOVE March Madness. But I guess, its a small price to pay for not having a rabid "calcio" fan to live with.

Life is full of little compromises...


More later...


J.Doe said...

My husband is not a calcio fan either so I also gave up yelling at the TV during football games. Now watching football matches and screaming at the players as if i could do better is nothing but a memory.

sognatrice said...

I'm lucky to also have found an Italian who doesn't care about calcio--who knew there were so many of them? Only if we lived in America, he'd just have to find something else to do while I watched football, baseball, college basketball....good thing we're here I suppose ;)