Wednesday, August 08, 2007

God loves me

Today was my first day back going into the office and working full-time again. Can I just say... I AM EXHAUSTED! hehe Man, I got spoiled working from home.

It was a good day, and so fun to be back with my coworkers. This is definitely my most favorite place I have ever worked. I actually like getting up to go to work. Well ok, I don't love waking up (see #35) but I love working there.

That being said, it was so hard getting up with my alarm. And working ALL DAY.. whew. I missed visiting with my sister and her kids, I missed my cat, and I missed my phone call with S. My feet hurt and my hair looks like crap. But since I have not won the lottery and am not independently wealthy, I guess its work for me. Could be worse =)

I will just have to play with sis/kids this weekend, the cat - well, she was happy to see me until I fed her, after that she has completely ignored me and is currently lounging by the pool. Hopefully S & I will figure out a talk schedule to fix that problem. sigh The hair will continue to look like crap until I get it cut on Monday. That will be a red letter day because it is hot as hell here and I have a lot of hair! As far as my feet are concerned - shoes are off and I am being completely lazy this evening to recuperate. hehe

So with a couple of pieces of my artichoke pizza (almost as good as you find in Italy), I settled in to watch some tv. Can anyone explain to me why I have to turn up the volume to even hear some shows but others are blaring when they come on? I mean, on the same channel even! since my sound system remote is broken, I have to get OFF the couch to turn it down. This does not work with my couch potato plans.

But in the midst of my grumblings guess what I happened to find on tv this evening? THE MUMMY RETURNS! one of my ALL time favorites. It is blaring at me, but totally worth it. Oh Brenden, how I have missed you.... Oded Fehr you do make my heart pitter-patter with that black swathed swagger and big scimitar. Ahhh... peace and relaxation.

God sure does love me.

more later...

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rowena said...

Getting back to the office grind...boy do I know what that's all about! I used to go through that each time I went back home to the islands to work the busy xmas season (at a bakery). The first week was the worst as not only did I have to adjust to the different time zone, but also having to get up at 4am and working til 6pm! Thank goodness my boss has decided to sell and get a life.

Regarding your comment on pets...they are thee best! I am looking forward so much to a 2nd doggie.