Thursday, January 03, 2008

Conversations with S. - A Montage

Happy New Year Ya'll! Can you believe it's 2008?

Usually, at this time of year, I think through some resolutions and reflect on the past year. But this year, I decided to be different. 2007 was not a great year for us - could've been worse and could've been better. I am glad it's over and am looking forward to a better 2008. So with my newfound positive attitude, I decided I would not make resolutions save one.

To live in the now.

No more procrastination. no more "what if's". no more "i'll start tomorrow's". This applies to all aspects of my life. diet. exercise. education. etc. As the Italians say "Basta!"

So in light of this new beginning, I tried to enjoy every moment of the time I had with my Italian. even the arguing, annoying times. lol If any of you have had a long distance relationship you know that as soon as you pick your loved one up at the airport, the countdown to their leaving begins. ::sigh:: So here you go, highlights of my 10 day reunion. (ok, so maybe not highlights, but funny parts anyway. At least I thought they were funny enough to write down. lol)

** Warning: Italian cursing below.LOL**

On our neighbor's yard full of HUGE blow up ornamenty things. (nowhere but America folks):
" ... hehe...its funny"

When he sees the inflatable Santa in an airplane - same yard:
"... ooo look it has a propeller! And it's moving!"

For about 5 days straight...
"I want a burger. Let's have a burger. I want a burger. I want a burger." -then- "... ooo taco bell"

Checking out the movies on TV and reading their descriptions:
"How can they list a movie's info and not include the director!"

Trying to figure out the new guide format on the TV (we have fiber-optic service, kinda like satellite):
"ugh I don't understand this freakin' thing"

Still messing with guide:

to which I added innocently:
" don't throw the remote because they get broken that way." lesson learned my friends, lesson learned.

I love that man. ::wink::

More later...


rowena said...

Loved this post! (heh and remote controls) But...aren't you heading this way this spring? Would be great to meet up, or at least to have you doing some sagra reporting in your neck of the woods! ;-)

Texas Espresso said...

Rowena - I am! I'm not sure exactly when in the spring, we are working that out now =) Can't wait. I would love to meet up if possible! I am off to check out the sagra schedules - not a bad way to pick a date. hehe You'll be hearing from me! Buon Anno!

Texas Espresso said...
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J.Doe said...

We have a neighbor who had a yard full of huge blow up decorations,but lucky for us along came a huge rain that deflated them all,and even luckier for us, the neighbors are lazy and never put them up again. (although they did put up their tacky light display :( )

Anonymous said...

What a cute post :)

Marcy said...

haha, ah cross-cultural love! ; ) We have a friend here who's American and she's engaged to a Swiss and her stories of getting used to life here, and him adjusting to American things, are always quite interesting. So far she's gotten him hooked on The Simpsons.

And while Americans might do the huge blow-up christmas yard decorations, Europeans still do cheesy in their own way... I'm thinking huge climbing santas and obnoxiously large decorated trees in every village!!

Where in Italy are you going to move? Very exciting. =)

nyc/caribbean ragazza said...

Very funny list. That curse word is one of my favorites (I know, horrible and probably very unladylike)