Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Upcoming excitement

Nothing much to post about lately. I have been diligently studying for my upcoming certification exam - which is SATURDAY! UGH!

However, during my "strategic disengage" moments I have been searching for a good and delicious Nutella recipe. (how did you like that corporate speak thrown in there?) I think I've found one!

Check out the website for all the info so you can participate too!

I know I've been posting alot of videos lately but like I said - things have been pretty boring in Espresso land. lol Since, I have been sharing fun diversions with you lately, I see no reason to stop now. hehe I have discovered a VERY funny show lately, which has given me hours of enjoyment. I don't know if it has made it to other countries or not and it is adult humor (I sure wouldn't let the kiddos watch it) but I liked it so much, I have downloaded several episodes to my ipod. We even talk about it at work and I find myself almost quoting lines. So here you go, short pre-view into the world of Rules of Engagement. Hopefully it makes you laugh too and you can see a some free episodes on


more later...


bleeding espresso said...

Very cute clip. I love that actor that used to be on "Seinfeld!"

Thanks for promoting World Nutella Day, btw...I have a recipe up today :)

Anonymous said...

Hey! I've been wondering where you've been. Thought maybe you were busy reading---but now I find out you've been studying hard! Good luck on your test, and call or email me and let me know how it went, ok??


Anonymous said...

Looks good. I'll have to look for it. Thanks!