Thursday, May 01, 2008

Fun with Mail

YAY!! they're heeeeeerrrrrrreeeeeeeeee.

Have you heard of Moo cards? My friend Sara, who is in fact a networking guru and always seems to be ahead of the curve with great ideas (I'm a little jealous), has talked about these cards for ages. I finally got around to checking the site out and it is so cool!

Basically, you can send them any pictures you've taken or created, crop it and make postcards, note cards, stamps, greeting cards and minicards. They print the order and zip them to you. It was the minicards that caught my attention. I decided I need to have just some "networking" cards with my info on them to pass out to people I meet along the way. If in fact I meet new people - lol.

However, I was too impatient to actually send them any of my photos. Well, to be honest, since my mac crashed I don't have too many on the computer and was too lazy to go thru my backups. (I will one day though) so, I used some pre-made designs available and came out with some REALLY CUTE cards!

Aren't they cute? So bright and fun! They are smaller than regular business cards, so of course I had to buy a holder too.

Anyway, I thought I'd share because I think it is a really cool idea. They take about a week to print and another week to receive them as they are shipped from the UK. But so worth it. They are reasonably priced too.

You should see the creative ideas people have with these cards. My favorite are the framed vacation pics that are actually minicards - you know like in one of those multi-pic frames? So creative!

Ok - this is my hip and trendy tip of the week. I'm not sure how many of these I can do as I am not as hip and trendy as I'd like to be. hehe Be cool with me - order some moo-cards!

More later...


Sara, Ms Adventures in Italy said...

Awww...thanks for the compliment! :) I am actually going to order my <<4th>> box now - people love them and I love having a printed photo (which I never do anymore)! I also need some generic, non-blog ones for some of my freelancing.

I'm glad you took a look. I also love their Postcards for printing images (better than the notecards, for example). I guess we'll have to trade!

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

Cool. Yours are really cute! I missed Sara's post on them. Dang me!!! said...

I'm going to have to check them out.... Thanks!

Stelle in Italia said...

how cute! I love the designs! I will definitely check this site out. great tip!