Friday, May 09, 2008

Mother-in-laws are fun!

The other day I was skyping with S. and in the background I heard a lot of commotion going on.

me - "what's all that noise?"

S. - "oh that's mom. she's doing laundry."

me - "are you helping her??" ::preparing to get on my soapbox::

S. - "no"

Me - "S! I know your laundry is in there - you know how to do laundry - you help your mother! or at least offer!"

about this time S.'s mom asks what I am saying as she can hear me over the speakers and understands my voice is louder and not as sweet (ha) as normal. he translates, laughing.

I hear her make a scoffing noise followed by some rapid Italian that I barely heard (read understood) until I heard the word "mammone". What? you don't know the word "mammone'? Well it means "mamma's boy" and is entirely fitting in many (read most) Italian men. God love'em. LOL

upon hearing her rant, I burst out laughing. His mom, surprised I knew what that meant, started laughing too. I could just see her rolling her eyes and making hand gestures at her own comment.

so I said to her via S. "what are we going to do with that man?"

Her response, translated from Italian was basically " Kick him in the ass. don't you agree?"

to which I replied "SI, certo!" which in my english translates to "yes absolutely!".

then we laughed together in complete womanly harmony. ahhh common bonds transcend all language barriers...

more later...


Anonymous said...

Love it! I had quite a comical banter with my M-I-L on the phone today. You know? Sometimes they get a bad rap but they're not all that bad, are they? ;)

Giulia said...

Too cute! :)

bleeding espresso said...

That is very cute; your MIL sounds like fun :)

J.Doe said...

A cute story! tell him to cook for her too....Mother's day is coming up.

Stelle in Italia said...

ha ha! too cute!

Marianne said...

This is very sweet - lucky you having a fun Mother in Law. Hope he's still being a nice boy. M

Cherrye - My Bella Vita said...

That surprises me. I figured your story was gonna end with her telling you that was her job or something! lol I love it.