Monday, August 18, 2008

On looking for chocolate

For those of you who might not be aware if it, one of my favorite foods is chocolate. Seriously, I think chocolate should be its own food group =) AND to make it even better, science now confirms what I've always known deep inside... it's good for you!

So, since it happens to be my passion (hehe) I love to try out and look for new, delicious, cutting edge candies or bars, as the case may be. Imagine my surprise when I went into a little market near my house and found this. Imagine those cartoons where the characters stop in mid stride when they see something. Oh yeah that was me. What is that?Bacon? Chocolate? are you kidding??? I mean these are 2 of my most favorite foods. but together? I am intrigued.... and of course, had to try it. I looked at the box. hmmm - there are directions of how to taste this. cool. and OH. MY. GOSH. heaven in my mouth. The chocolate was a "dark milk chocolate" (41% cacao) which had the deep flavors of dark but not quite so bitter. the bacon is in little pieces. smokey. salty. chocolatey. I am so not kidding - you have to try it. IT IS SO GOOD.

I was feeling pretty good. It was my new favorite chocolate bar. And as an added bonus, it is expensive. meaning - I can't afford to buy it often so I won't eat so much. lol maybe that is not a bonus but for me and my "dieting," price is a good deterrent. Plus, that just makes it all the more special when I do have it. Right? right?? well that is what I am telling myself anyway.

So, I go on living life. content in my new discovery and telling anyone who would listen how delicious that chocolate is. that is until I went back into the store the next week. you see, as I was so distracted and enamored of my bacon bar that I totally missed another tiny display of Vosges chocolate bars. So as I was checking out with my bread and freshly made mozzarella, my eye was caught on a lovely packaged bar. hmm.. what is this one? deep milk chocolate (well, I know I like that). smoked almond. good. grey sea salt. mmmm better! Just a little taste can't hurt. again OH. MY. GOSH. Barcelona bar, thy name is ambrosia. this is everything I love about life. sweet, deep chocolate. smokey from the bits of almonds. and salt. oh sea salt, that little crunch, that salty among the sweet. I decided to taste it like the box instructed me to. and let me tell you. Letting that chocolate melt on my tongue against the roof of my mouth, slowly giving way to the crunch and smokey saltiness of the almonds and sea salt. heaven. simply heaven.

You must try these chocolates. be prepared for a bit of sticker shock but hey its a "treat". feel free to send me as many bars as you'd like. haha and another tip, maybe you should try it once you get home or at least in the car. your murmurs of ecstasy could be a bit embarrassing in public. ::wink::

PS - I think I heard a rumor that this was "delurking" month in the blog world. I may be a month late (my internal calendar is totally screwed) but nonetheless I would really love to hear from ya'll. you don't even have to comment about my going on and on about chocolate - tell me what you'd like to read about? what can I do for you?

More later...


erin :: the olive notes said...

wow! I checked out the website and they have Curry and chocolate and OLIVES with white chocolate. Crazy combinations, but I'd love to try them

Anonymous said...

Hi, what can you do for me? Is that a loaded question?? lol
Tell me what you've been reading.


delly said...

chocolate and bacon sounds slightly scary..... ?!

J.Doe said...

I love chocolate. One of thehe best chocolate I had was bought in Italy at Carrefour for 65 cents a bar!!!
Although my alltime favorite is Chocolate with hot red peppers.

Monika said...

Okay I don't think i can be your blog friend anymore....mixing chocolate and bacon together....NOOOO! ;)

I too share your love of chocolate. One of the best chocolate I've tried is from Vestri here in Florence. And I have Erin (from the Olive notes) to thank for my fatty obsession as she was the one who bought me some and my life hasn't been the same since!!)

Texas Espresso said...

erin - they do have some crazy combos. but they are probably all good. I am seriously considering getting the mini-bar set which has all their bars! YUMM

Andrea - I think I will post about those next time. hehe

delly - I know it DOES sound scary but honestly it is good.

J. doe - how are you girl? and your family?? I know chocolate is the bane of my existence but it is so good, I forgive it. I do like the choc w/chilis too. That is the next Vosges bar I am going to try. (if I can stop eating these other two!)

Monika - awww please still be my blog friend? hehe I swear, if I was in Italy, I would give you a blind taste test and you'd be all "what is this sweet, salty slightly smokey goodness?". lol I know it sounds gross but it is delicious. I will have to make note of that chocolate shop for the next time I'm in Florence. hehe Want to do a chocolate exchange? hehe

City Girl said...

I just stumbled on your blog and had to tell you how much I share your love with the Vosges Bacon bar. IT IS SO GOOD!!

You also have to try the Naga, which is milk chocolate with curry and, IIRC, some coconut.

Amy said...

Nevermind that this post was done in August. Be still, my heart. Bacon and chocolate - together. It's like Sonny and Cher (only much more pleasant). I must buy some.