Wednesday, February 17, 2010

International Cat Day

In honor of International Cat Day, I'd like to take this time to remember my beloved cat Sophie, whom I lost this past Thanksgiving and miss every day.

It is hard to think about her now and not cry. She was with me for over 15 years and was the sweetest, funniest kitty I've every had.

When I first rescued her from the pound, she was a young, short-haired, 5-lb, flea-ridden cat who fell in love with my father initially and hardly spared me a glance. My parents were about to move out of our family home with me staying on - and a house just wasn't a home without a kitty. It took me loads of money and who knows how much time to rid her and the house of fleas. more time to train her not to jump on the kitchen cabinets. and weeks for her to stop smacking my dogs. but we settled in. Who knew under that short-hair hair was a silky, long-haired kitty who would rule the roost and priss about with her tail in the air.

She loved me unconditionally and every work day, I found her waiting for me by the door or she would walk out into the garage so we could walk inside together. She didn't like it when S. and I fought or even had a loud discussion - she would meow and rub against both of us as if to calm us down. She made me laugh when I was down and kept me company when I was lonely. She would snuggle up to me on the sofa - maintaining her independence of course - and let me pick her up and hug her when I needed to. We made up songs for her, talked to her all the time and often wondered how a 8-lb cat could sound like a herd of elephants running up the stairs and down the hall.

And now that she's gone, it's astounding how a small, quiet animal leaves such a huge hole in your life. the house seems so empty without her. But I am thankful for the blessings and company she gave to me thru the years. I was hoping to have her longer but until that last day, she was still the same sweet kitty I had loved over the years.

If you are a cat lover and have a cat, take time to appreciate and enjoy your kitty today.


Do Bianchi said...

she was a beauty... cats are such wondrous creatures...

J.Doe said...

Sorry to read about your loss. Will getting another kitty help?

Anonymous said...

Was just seeing if there was a new blog on the new kitty ;) Hope all is well!

Blender Diet said...

She looks adorable. You are blessed to have spent 15 years with her.