Sunday, September 17, 2006

Killer spinach, bad blogging and more

I have really been the worst about blogging this week! How can you be so busy yet accomplish nothing? It seems every night some new errand popped up and took up the whole evening. By the time I got home I was too tired to blog. Man working full time sure saps ya. hehehe

On top of feeling boring, now I find out I can't eat bagged spinach! There is an E. Coli break out in something like 10 states coming from pre-washed bagged spinach. so sad. Spinach salad is the staple of my dieting! I even had a bag in the fridge that thankfully I hadn't opened yet. even though Texas doesn't seem to be one of the e.coli states - you never know.

It has been another busy day today. Being a good aunt I went to my 9yr old nephew's last indoor soccer game. He scored 2 goals! I know nothing about soccer and really the games bore me, but I love to see him out there running around and having a good time. Of course his favorite position is goalie - but I think its cuz that position doesnt run all the time! lol And my parents came down for the weekend so there's lots of visiting to do. My big plans were to start painting the guest bedroom but now... well we'll see. It's supposed to rain all day tomorrow - is it bad to paint in the rain? I would just HATE to have another excuse not to start painting..HA.

On a good note, I got an estimate on replacing my convertible top and front seat. It was way lower than i had anticipated so YAY. I can even afford it and am in desperate need because I can't see out the back window anymore. Not a safe way to drive :)

That's all for now... more later.

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