Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Culture...movie style

I am a big fan of our Netflix =) which is about the greatest thing ever! Our attention span towards dvds really varies from month to month - sometimes its all we can do to watch our 2 movies; other times we can watch 2 every few days. So the monthly fee (which is not bad at all) averages out over the months. This weekend we decided to watch the 2 movies that have been laying around collecting dust for several weeks.

They are:
- The Best of Youth (Italian) - Disc One(!)
- Sketches of Frank Gehry

Not your typical "hollywood" movies I know, but what can I say - our tastes run the full spectrum of flicks. Here are my reviews...

The Best of Youth

I have to admit, when S. picked this out - I groaned aloud. Just another depressing Italian movie that I can't understand but "should" see. AND it takes up 2 dvds! ugh It is an Italian movie (miniseries really) that follows 2 brothers (one who totally looks like a combo of Sam Sheppard and David Carradine) from the 60s to the "present" portraying the social, political and personal conflicts of the times. As S. explained, it is a movie which really defines that generation. times of Red Brigades, civil unrest, abuse of power, etc. I was so pleasantly surprised - it was great! I was totally sucked in! I am completely committed to the stories and characters and cant wait for disc 2 to arrive. I have to commend my husband - he is so good at sharing bits of Italian culture (and "pop" culture) with me through movies, music, etc. I wish I was as good at sharing American "pop" culture with him. I highly recommend this movie - it really shows you the struggles of that era in Italy. Come on Disc 2!
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Sketches of Frank Gehry

Documentary about the modern architect Frank Gehry directed by his friend Sydney Pollack. I don't know much about architecture but I did know Gehry's name and I must say some of his buildings I like, some I don't. What I do really like about his buildings is the materials (titanium in particular) he uses to cover some of his work. They really are a canvas where light and shadows play with reflections, changing the picture continuously. It is beautiful. I liked the movie though it drags a bit at times. I think S. got bored, but overall it was interesting to see the process and the person behind the big facades.
Rating: a strong 3.5 stars out of 5

Next up: Best of Youth - DISC 2 (YAY - but im gonna be mad if someone dies) &
Kinky Boots (British film - with a name like that how can you go wrong??)

More later..


Anonymous said...

HI there!

I just had to comment on Best of Youth. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie. I cried like a baby! My husband, who doesn't always have patience for foreign films, watched all 6 hours with all his attention (we broke it up into 2 days). I won't spoil it for you since you still have to watch disc 2, but I have to tell you that I even went out and bought it! I collect foreign films and that one was collection-worthy. I also reviewed it on my blog. Enjoy!

Texas Espresso said...

You are so right! Oh my - that was a great movie. what other foreign films have you collected?

Anonymous said...

Wow, there are so many I have collected. Let's see..
Ciao, Professore (Italy)
Remember Me, My Love (Italy)
Bread and Tulips (Italy)
Facing Windows (Italy)
Malena (Italy)
The Star Maker (Italy)
The Keys to the House (Italy)
Light of my Eyes (Italy)
The Son's Room (Italy)
The Last Kiss (Italy)
Respiro (Italy)
The Nymph (Italy)
Don't Tell (Italy)
Cinema Paradiso (Italy)
Amores Perros (Mexico)
Turtles Can Fly (Iraq Kurdistan)
Children of Heaven (Iran)
Bad Education (Spain)
City of God (Brazil)
The Crime of Padre Amaro (Mexico)
Dust to Dust (Mexico)
The Grandfather (Spain)
Herod's Law (Mexico)
Love Me If You Dare (France)
The Chorus (France)
Mad Love (Juana La Loca)(Spain)
Maria Full of Grace (Colombia)
The Motorcycle Diaries (Argentina)
The Sea Inside (Spain)
Sex and Lucia (Spain)
Strawberry and Chocolate (Cuba)
Talk to Her (Spain)
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown (Spain)
Y Tu Mama Tambien (Mexico)
Zelary (Czech Republic)
Rabbit-Proof Fence (Australia)
The Magdalene Sisters (UK)
Ma Vie En Rose (France)

Also 'In the time of the Butterflies' although not a foreign film, it is based on a true story from the Dominican Republic. I read the book.
I love foreign films because they tell a true story, or are loosely based on true stories. They are not Hollywood special effects, ya' know? There are so many more that I don't have in my collection (yet!) but I can recommend. Let me know when you need a recommendation.
By the way, we have Netflix too and we love it! Especially when we are buried in 6 feet of snow and there isn't much else to do!
Happy movie watching!!