Tuesday, December 11, 2007

On Christmas Confessions...

Conversations with S...

S - "so what are you doing today?"

Me - (giggling with glee) " Oooo I am wrapping presents!!"

S - silence.... and then "Stacy... did you buy more wrapping paper?"

Me - "huh? No.... why do you ask? (answering as innocently as I can)"

S - "Stacy.... how may rolls did you buy?"

Me - "only a couple... but I really didn't have ANY. (just a slight understatement)"

S - "hmphf...." (I can practically hear him rolling his eyes)

Me - "but it's so pretty! really I didn't spend that much. did I mention how fun and pretty it is?"

S - "yeah yeah..."


What can I say... it is an addiction I am not proud of but none-the-less is there.

This applies to all types of wrapping paper and the accoutrement that goes along with it. Because birthdays are sporadic, I can temper the compulsion most of the year. But Christmas... *sigh* Christmas - I must give in to temptation.

COME ON! It's so pretty and colorful; shiny and sparkley - how can you resist? Every year I can hardly wait for the Container Store to send out their "Gift Wrap Wonderland" catalogue. I'm not kidding when I say I could spend A LOT of money on this crap. But hey, my presents are always some of the prettiest under the tree. New gift wrap is part of my Christmas tradition and every year S. & I have the same conversation. lol

And in recent years - cd and gift card cuteness have been added to the melee. See - I bet you couldn't resist them either.

Ah I love Christmas. The colors, lights, decorations, carols. And while I know Americans have totally commercialized this holiday, I think you can still keep the true meaning alive and enjoy the hoopla. My house is still a bit bare but S. will be home on Friday so I am biding my time.

I have almost all of my presents purchased and once the tree is up - my gift wrapped boxes will SHINE! WOOHOOO

More later...


sognatrice said...

I'm with you Stacy! I'm not into spending hundreds of dollars on gifts (or receiving a lot of gifts bought out of obligation), but I *LOVE* the decorations, making things pretty and crafty and Christmasy--that part of the hoopla I can get behind ;)

Giulia said...

You MUST snap a photo of the presents once they are under the tree. I am anxious to see them. :)

Linda said...

I used to know some people who saved all of their wrapping paper and ribbon from open gifts to reuse every year. I only have one roll of paper and a few gift sacks being a scrooge.

Anonymous said...

haha..you have a gift wrapping jones!

Eryn said...

yes....i'm so with you on that wrapping paper addiction! especially the wrapping paper from the container store.

i once bought a roll there that was so beautiful that i crafted a picture frame out of it.....